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Antique fine crafts

DESOGUS CARTOTECNICA was founded in Turin in 1928 by Erminio Desogus, which gets, over...
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HIGH QUALITY: Over the years DESOGUS CARTOTECNICA concentrated its activity on the...
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Awards and honors achieved during the course of the Company’s activity
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Paper wholesale

  • Paper
  • Cardstock
  • Cardboard
  • Various articles
For many years, we take care of business and sale of wholesale paper. With us you can find a wide range of different types of weights, colors and patterns, suitable for every use and need. Thanks to a capacious warehouse and an efficient organization, we guarantee competitive prices, top quality and fast delivery. Read more
We put at your disposal a wide range of cards and stationery products perfectly finished and high quality to satisfy your requests. You'll have great freedom of customization both in weights that in shades and patterns. Read more
At our warehouses you find a wide range of cartons and paper materials in various formats to satisfy any type of application. You can customize them to your pleasure by choosing patterns and colors. We guarantee fast delivery, quality and convenience on every order.Read more
We sell wholesale products for finishing and processing. With us, you can find any product you need to accomplish your projects, from the Hill to the iron fittings, from pistols to cutters. Desogus Cartotecnica has everything you need and you deliver on time at competitive costs. Read more