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Antique fine crafts

DESOGUS CARTOTECNICA was founded in Turin in 1928 by Erminio Desogus, which gets, over the years, the Title of Cavaliere del Lavoro by the merits achieved with the task work.
In 1970 he succeeded the son Rag. Giovanni and his wife Dorina; their work allows the Company to stand out in the market for an excellent quality and variety of products.

From 1997 the Company managing the brothers Massimo and Silvia Desogus which continue, with the experience gained over the years, the activity of parents and grandfather.

DESOGUS CARTOTECNICA activity is increasingly focused on producing high quality paper products. Although they have equipment that enables the realization of standard products, through automated processes, the specialty of DESOGUS CARTOTECNICA consist on making crafts that no machine can achieve. They produce binders, cases, boxes, stands, totems, window signs, monographs, trays, cartons, boxes, menu holders, folders, paper bags and paper product the customer wants to implement to enhance the image of our Company. They realize, moreover, laminating and cutting machining and hot stamping gold and silver.

Each product box is designed based on the needs of the customer: paper, coating, graphics, size and shape are realized in original packaging solutions, unique in their kind.

Sometimes the customer knows what he wants to achieve, but it often happens that he doesn't know what he wants exactly. In these cases he shoes the object on which to "model" an absolutely unique and original packaging. Each product will never be equal to others, because it made "to measure", an expression of experience, passion for work, attention to detail, the search for innovative solutions.

Other times he needs to enhance his image, his works or create something that "represents" his Company: here's the monograph. The intervention takes place in a complete cycle: starting from the design stage, both as regards the structural part, the print and graphics; follows the realization of prototypes, which are approved by the customer, up to the creation of the finished product. All done and checked internally!