The DESOGUS CARTOTECNICA was founded in Turin in 1928 by Erminio Desogus. At first it was a small workshop in which they were made totally manual processes; In those years the business was that both of papermaking and bookbinding production was realized in a simple and essential items, because it was what the market demanded. With the economic boom came the first equipment and processing become standard. These are the years in which it is relevant the ability to produce large quantities in a short time, to meet a growing demand. The merits acquired with work permit to Erminio Desogus to achieve the title of "Cavaliere del Lavoro".

In 1979 he took over his son Rag. Giovanni and his wife Dorina. Since those years, the business is focused exclusively on the paper industry, addressing on quality products. Thanks to them the Company has a reputation for quality craftsmanship.

For nearly 20 years, Silvia and Massimo Desogus, third generation, continues the work of parents and grandfather.

With the experience gained, they provide their own vision of the work, updating it at the time, to make it even more 'competitive on the market. The activity of Desogus Cartotecnica increasingly focuses on the production of high quality paper products, adding related serial machines, which allow production in large quantities, the craft of paper stationery that no machine can' produce, because it made "on demand". Each product is designed starting from the paper converting customer needs: paper, coating, graphics, size and shape are reflected in the original packaging solutions, unique in its kind.

The intervention takes place in a complete cycle: starting from the design phase, both as regards the structural part than to that graphics and printing. Following the production of prototypes, ranging approved by the client, up to the finished product: all done is controlled internally.

Each paper products are expression of experience, passion for work, attention to detail, search for innovative solutions.

Today DESOGUS CARTOTECNICA deals with the production of binders, cases, boxes, displays, window signs, totems, shoppers, monographs, sample holders, cases, briefcases, portamenu, folders and paper converting any product the customer want to enhance the image of their own Company.